Modelling of REactive particulate flows for Low Energy Sustainable processes



A 4 years project from mars 2015 to August 2019.


Many industrial processes like coal combustion, catalytic cracking, gas phase polymerization reactors and more recently biomass gasification and chemical looping involve two-phase reactive flows in which the continuous phase is a fluid and the dispersed phase consists of rigid particles.


Improving both the design and the operating conditions of these processes represents a major scientific and industrial challenge in a context of markedly rising energy cost and sustainable development (MORE control 4 LESS environmental footprint).


Thus, it is above all important to better understand the coupling of hydrodynamic, chemical and thermal phenomena in those flows in order to be able to predict them reliably.


The aim of MORE4LESS is to build up a multi-scale modelling approach of reactive particulate flows and to focus on the development of what we consider to be the weakest link, i.e. the mesoscopic-scale Euler/Lagrange model including heat and mass transfers and chemical reactions for the prediction of particle-laden flows in dense and dilute regimes.

This new modelling will be implemented in a massively parallel numerical code that will enable us to take a step towards the enhanced design of semi-industrial processes.


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Workshop in France

Numerical modelling and experimental measurements of reactive and non-reactive particulate flows to  be  held on the Roscoff biological station, France on April  25-27 2017.

The Organising Committee is part of the two French ANR projects : MORE4LESS and CODSPIT and it is made up of Eric Climent (Director of IMFT, Toulouse and Professor INP-ENSEEIHT), Gilles Bouchet (Researcher in the Particles Flow Group of is IUSTI-CNRS, Marseille)  and Karine Truffin (Researcher at IFPEN, Rueil-Malmaison in the field of LES modelling of reactive flows) .

Financial support is granted by la Fondation de Recherche pour l'Aéronautique et l'Espace (FRAE).



Simulation of a reactive fluidized bed reactor using CFD/DEM.

Y. Dufresne, V. Moureau, E. Masi, O. Simonin and J. Horwitz,  CTR, Stanford 2016


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